Structural Shielding Design and Evaluation

Universal Consultants, Inc. offers professional recommendations and technical information related in the design and installation of structural shielding. UCI considers various factors in the selection of appropriate shielding materials and the calculation of barrier thicknesses intended primarily for use in planning and designing new facilities and remodeling existing facilities.  It is important that structural shielding be properly designed and installed during the original construction process.  It is recommended that the shielding be designed by a qualified expert to ensure that the required degree of radiation protection is achieved economically. The planning should incorporate the possible future needs for new equipment or increased work loads. 

UCI has provided shielding calculations for multiple facilities throughout the United States.  We work closely with your facility and vender in order to achieve a cost effective solution to your shielding requirements.  Various regulations are in place in order to determine exposure to restricted and unrestricted areas.  Included with the evaluation is written confirmation documenting the required thickness of barriers.  Several states mandate shielding calculations be performed prior to installation and verified once the systems are installed.  UCI will provide trained staff to perform these evaluations. 

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