Universal Consultants provides a full range of PET - PET/CT oncology and PET – PET/CT cardiology consulting services. Our staff has extensive experience with the various isotopes and applications.  Among our nuclear consulting services are:

      • ACR Accreditation
      • Quarterly Audits
      • Acceptance testing
      • Radioactive Materials Licensing
      • Program Startup Assistance

ACR Accreditation

Whether it’s traditional PET or PET/CT, Universal Consultants will assist you to achieve ACR accreditation. The testing is conducted in accordance with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) protocols and the American College of Radiology (ACR). We are experienced with the testing of All PET, PET/CT Modules. Following are testing parameters:

      1. Includes use of our PET Phantom during testing
      2. Preparation of F-18 dilution for PET Phantom setup
      3. PET Data acquisition and assistance with processing
      4. ROI Evaluation and data calculation(s)
      5. Overall System Performance for PET – PET/CT System(s)
      6. Formatter/Video Display assessment
      7. System Interlocks verification

Approximately 3 hours is needed to complete the entire testing per camera. At the conclusion of the visit, all information will be provided which includes the testing results along with the film images taken during testing. All ACR testing data is completed in their entirety for submission to the ACR for Accreditation.

Quarterly PET, PET/CT Audits

Quarterly audits in the PET, PET/CT Department will consist of a thorough evaluation of all required record-keeping for compliance with State, NRC and Department of Transportation regulations. All visits are followed with an extensive written report and data-repeating forms. Attendance at Radiation Safety Committee Meetings can be arranged to coincide with our visits. ACR testing can be scheduled to coincide with their visits.

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