CAT Scan (CT)

Whether your facility operates a single-slice unit or a brand-new multi slice scanner, UCI will ensure your regulatory compliance while obtaining optimal image quality.

CT services include the following:

      • ACR accreditation assistance
      • ACR annual physics surveys
      • Acceptance testing
      • Staff training
      • Annual QC Review
      • Shielding design

CT evaluation to be performed in accordance with recommendations set forth by the American College of Radiology and various state regulatory agencies.  UCI has developed procedures in order to ensure that deficiencies, deviations, defective equipment, or unsafe practices relating to the use of the radiation source of CT units, are identified, promptly corrected, and reported to the appropriate individual.

The CT ACR Accreditation Program involves the acquisition of clinical and phantom images, dose measurements, and the submission of scanning protocols. A medical physicist must evaluate the CT unit at least annually. This evaluation will include:

      1. Dosimetry
      2. Alignment light accuracy
      3. Alignment of Table to gantry
      4. Table/gantry tilt
      5. Slice localization from scanned projection radiograph (localization image)
      6. Table incrementation accuracy
      7. Slice thickness
      8. Image quality
            a. High-contrast (spatial) resolution
            b. Low-contract resolution
            c. Image uniformity
            d. Noise
            e. Artifact evaluation
      9. CT number accuracy and linearity
    10. Deliverance of appropriate patient dose which uses ALARA principles
    11. Display devices
             a. Film-copy display
             b. Soft-copy display

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