Nuclear Medicine

Universal Consultants provides a full range of nuclear medicine and nuclear cardiology consulting services. Our staff has extensive experience with a variety of isotopes and applications.  Among our nuclear consulting services are:

      • ACR Accreditation
      • Quarterly Audits
      • Acceptance testing
      • Radioactive Materials Licensing
      • Program Startup Assistance

ACR Accreditation

Whether it’s traditional nuclear medicine, PET, or PET/CT, Universal Consultants will assist you to achieve ACR accreditation. The testing is conducted in accordance with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) protocols and the American College of Radiology (ACR). Following are testing parameters:

      1. Intrinsic Uniformity
      2. System Uniformity
      3. Intrinsic or System Spatial Resolution
      4. Sensitivity
      5. Energy Resolution
      6. Count Rate Parameters
      7. Multiple Window Spatial Registration
      8. Formatter/Video Display
      9. Overall System Performance for Spect Systems
    10. System Interlocks

All ACR forms are completed in their entirety for submission to the ACR for Accreditation.  Phantom imaging is acquired and ready for submission to the ACR.

Quarterly Audits

Quarterly audits in the Nuclear Medicine Department will consist of a thorough evaluation of all required record-keeping for compliance with State, NRC and Department of Transportation regulations. All visits are followed with an extensive written report and data-repeating forms. Attendance at Radiation Safety Committee Meetings can be arranged to coincide with our visits.

Listed below are items evaluated during a visit:

      1. Assist in applying for NRC and or/State Radioactive Materials License
      2. Aid in keeping license current
      3. Establish a radiological physics program and record system in accordance with NRC and State           Regulations
      4. Inventory sealed sources quarterly
      5. Wipe/leak test all sealed sources semi-annually
      6. Calibrate survey meters annually
      7. Provide accessibility to federal and state regulations
      8. Review record system (radioactive shipment receipt, utilization and disposal) for NRC, State           compliance, monitor health physics program for continued safe handling of radioactive           materials
      9. Review personnel dosimetry reports for ALARA commitment
    10. Offer In-Service education and annual review programs to technical staff
    11. Assist in developing procedures for Radiation Emergency preparedness
    12. Survey facilities for possible contamination and excessive radiation levels
    13. Perform accuracy, constancy, geometry and linearity evaluations on dose calibrators
    14. Perform quality assurance programs on scintillation cameras, uptake and well systems
    15. Available during normal business hours for consultation by telephone


Radioactive Materials Licensing

Whether your facility needs assistance with a radioactive materials (RAM) license application, a license amendment, or ongoing licensing support, we can help. No matter which State you are located in, our staff is familiar with the particular licensing requirements that apply to you. That experience translates into lower turn-around time and more amenable license conditions for your facility.


Program Startup Assistance

The most important decisions in a nuclear medicine program are made during the planning and start-up of a facility. Universal Consultants, Inc. is available to provide expert consulting during this time to avoid future problems or pitfalls in operations or compliance. Our staff can assist in every phase of program design and implementation, from equipment selection to license application to ACR or ICANL accreditation help. We can train your staff to NRC/state standards and provide assistance with setting up complex nuclear medicine quality assurance equipment such as dose calibrators, well counters, and survey meters.

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