From chest x-ray rooms to high-tech cardiac catheterization suites, Universal Consultants can help keep your radiography equipment up to the highest standards and fully compliant with all regulations to include CR and DR systems.

Annual evaluation of the radiology equipment is conducted in accordance with recommendations set forth by the ACR, NCRP, HCFA, AAPM and State Regulations. Annual surveys of all diagnostic X-Ray equipment including performance evaluation, safety evaluation and output measurements as follows:

      1.  Light beam to X-ray beam alignment
      2.  Accuracy of beam size indicators
      3.  Overall performance of radiographic and fluoroscopic collimators
      4.  Output versus kVp, mAs, and distance
      5.  Appropriateness of total filtration
      6.  Fluoroscopic patient dose rates at skin entrance (Actual patients to be simulated with            appropriate phantoms)
      7.  Proper functioning of interlocks, timers and exposure switches
      8.  Evaluate the Radiation Safety Procedures in use, and the written Procedure Manual, so that             they meet the expectations of regulatory agencies and the J.C.A.H.O.
      9.  Furnish the forms, regulations and notices required by State and Federal agencies and            advise on postings, registrations and licensure requirements  
    10.  Analyze personnel dosimetry reports so that the personnel monitoring program meets             applicable standards and to assist in minimizing exposures when necessary
    11.  Provide a typed report of all survey findings for use as a permanent record, in a format             acceptable to regulatory agencies and the J.C.A.H.O.
    12.  Be available during normal business hours to discuss radiation safety by telephone
    13.  Provide a radiological health or physics related lecture, or participate in a Radiation             Safety/Quality Assurance Meeting during each annual survey.
    14.  Provide training programs to hospital personnel for proper handling of radiation accident             victims if scheduled to coincide with routine visits

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