JCAHO - Joint Commission Compliance

Revised JCAHO - Joint Commission requirements for Diagnostic Services will be required for both Ambulatory Care Centers and Hospitals. The requirement will be implemented in two phases.

Phase one: Beginning July, 2014 the initial will focus will be on computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine (NM), positron emission tomography (PET), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services.

 Phase two: Implemented in 2015 will focus on fluoroscopy, minimum qualifications for clinicians who perform imaging exams, and cone beam CT used in dental offices and oral-maxillary surgery practices.

Standard EC.02.04.03 A21. This regulation indicates that a Diagnostic Medical Physicist performs evaluation of the all Nuclear Medicine Imaging equipment. Recommendations for correcting any problems identified are documented. The evaluations are conducted for the all the Imaging types produced clinically by each Nuclear Medicine scanner, for example, planar and/or tomographic and the use of the phantom to assess the following imaging metrics:

      • Image uniformity/system uniformity
      • High-contrast resolution/system spatial resolution
      • Low-contrast resolution or detectability (not applicable for planar acquisitions)
      • Sensitivity
      • Energy resolution
      • Count-rate performance
      • Artifact evaluation

Standard EC.02.06.05 A6. This regulation indicates that after installation of Imaging equipment or construction in rooms where ionizing radiation will be emitted or radioactive materials will be stored, a Medical Physicist conducts radiation protection survey to verify the adequacy of installed shielding. This survey is to be conducted prior to clinical use of the room. This standard change includes all diagnostic equipment including Nuclear Medicine cameras.

 Additionally,  An annual performance evaluation must be conducted by the Diagnostic Medical Physicist including testing of image acquisition and display monitors for maximum and minimum luminance, luminance uniformity, resolution and spatial accuracy.

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