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Rule Change for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


The Pennsylvania Department of Environment Protection is now inspecting against Title 25 of the Pennsylvania Code of Regulations, section 221.11(l).  This regulation states that each facility must have a Quality Assurance Program.  The Quality Assurance Program must be documented and readily available during a State inspection.

Universal Consultants, Inc. has developed a comprehensive Quality Assurance Manual which was developed to comply with the above regulations.  This manual will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your facility. 

Universal Consultants is a Full Service Medical Physics Group that was established in 1982. UCI offers services to meet the needs of regulatory driven technologies. Consultation is provided to Hospitals, Clinics, Private Practice, Radiopharmacies, Industrial, Commercial and Veterinary facilities.

The contents of this manual will include the following:

Quality Assurance • Quality Assurance and Radiation Safety Committee Members and Responsibilities • Medical Physicist Group • Operator Training, Competencies • Safe Operating Procedures • Personnel Monitoring Program • Ancillary Personnel Training • ŸPatient Protection Practices • Patient Holding Policy • Methods of protection for the general public • Personnel Qualified to perform quality control • Quality Control Procedures to include: Image recording, processing and viewing • Maintenance and modifications • Guidelines and a list of recognized organizations

Once we have been contacted to provide you with our Quality Assurance Manual, a form will be forwarded to your facility to gather information to customize this manual.  The manual will then be developed for your facility, and sent to you in both CD format along with a hard copy in a three ring binder for easy updating and ease of organizing.  The cost of this manual is $375.00.

QUALITY CONTROL OF CR (Computed Radiography) and DR (Digital Radiography) IMAGING SYSTEMS
The Pennsylvania Department of Environment Protection is also inspecting against Title 25 of the Pennsylvania Code of Regulations, section 221.11(l), for quality control to be performed on both CR (computed radiography) and DR (digital radiography) imaging systems.  The test parameters should include a visual inspection of CR cassettes, spatial resolution, high and low contrast detectability, resolution, Laser jitter, exposure indicator evaluations along with sensitivity/reproducibility and cassette dark noise.

Each cassette and each reader is tested for compliance initially and annually thereafter against manufacturer’s specifications along with the national standards.  A detailed report is forwarded to your site to be maintained by proper authorities.   A summary of the findings are maintained in part of your Quality Assurance Manual.  Contact our office for pricing.

Should you require further information regarding either the Quality Assurance Program, Quality Control for CR/DR or medical physics, please look around this website. If you are interested in purchasing a QA Manual, please contact Amanda at

Click here to view Pennsylvania Code, Section 221.11(l)


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