Recent Rule Changes

ACR Accreditaion Recordkeeping Standards

The ACR or CMS at any time during your 3-year accreditation period will be performing unannounced validation site surveys. Gathering and maintaining specific documentation is required as part of each sites accreditation. All data will be reviewed during ACR or CMS site surveys.

Universal Consultants will assist in creation of the recordkeeping process to include the following for compliance with unannounced validation of ACR or CMS standards.

- Site information
- Personnel documentation for all Physicians
- Personnel documentation for Medical Physicists
- Personnel documentation for all Technologists
- Physics Survey/Performance Evaluations with checklist of activities
- Technologist Quality Control checklist
- Federal and/or State Licensure and Inspections
- Policy and procedures with documentation review
- Physician peer review program evaluation
- Patient report evaluation
- Image labeling evaluation
- Resource information

Our professional Physicist staff will design this process for your completion of these reporting standards for meeting regulatory needs. Please contact Universal Consultants at (440) 327-9432 for details.


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